Fuel Flite – Fuel Tankering Calculator


Fuel Flite is an iOS app that lets pilots determine the most cost effective combination of fuel orders to purchase when given a flight of up to 5 airports.

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Have you ever wondered how much fuel to purchase at an airport? You obviously need enough to meet FAA regulations and your own comfort level. Beyond that, though, should you tanker cheap fuel from the small airport or buy that expensive fuel from the big airport to waive their facility fee?

If you fly multi-leg trips and operate in a small to medium-sized flight department, or are even a private aircraft owner, then you need Fuel Flite. Fuel Flite is a straightforward app that uses an algorithm to recommend the most cost-effective place and amount of fuel to uplift. Simply enter the specifications for your aircraft and trip details, and let Fuel Flite guide you to saving money on your fuel bill.

The Free version of Fuel Flite allows you to:
* save 2 aircraft profiles.
* use 3 airports / 2 flight legs in a calculation.

Fuel Flite outputs the following information (for all except the last airport):
* recommended fuel to uplift.
* whether it is cheaper to pay the facility fee or uplift the minimum to waive the fee.
* total cost for that airport.
* landing fuel amount.
* takeoff fuel amount based on recommended fuel uplift.

The app works with:
* piston or turbine aircraft of any weight.
* fuel in pounds or gallons.

Fuel Flite allows you to create and save aircraft profiles which include:
* structural maximum takeoff weight.
* basic operating weight / empty weight.
* maximum amount of fuel capacity.
* IFR / VFR reserve fuel.
* Standard amount of taxi fuel (aircraft may be fueled past the maximum takeoff weight by the amount of the taxi fuel).

For each airport and leg, you input the following:
* fuel price.
* facility fee.
* minimum fuel uplift to waive facility fee.
* fuel burn to destination.
* fuel burn to alternate.
* payload for a flight leg.
* maximum takeoff weight – nonstructural / performance limited.